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How to Identify a Diseased or Dying Tree

Aside from diminishing the appearance of your property, diseased and dying trees pose certain risks to the rest of your yard or pasture. You want to address the problem quickly so that it may be remedied, perhaps even in time to save the tree. If you’re not sure what an ailing tree looks like, however, the damage could be done and irreversible by the time you get around to having it diagnosed. In this article, […]

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Valuable Tips for Preventing Tree Death

Have you noticed any of these symptoms affecting your tree? Disheveled, discolored or dropping leaves Thin branches Branches that fall Fungus at the roots Decay in the trunk Bug infestations   If you have, there’s a very real possibility that your tree is nearing the end of its life. A dying tree is no joke. They can fall and cause tremendous amounts of property or bodily damage – yes, even the small ones. Keeping trees […]

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